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CRTV Podcast 9: ‘Salem’s Lot ’04

October 11, 2017 Podcast 2

Strap in for bloodsucking mayhem — made-for-cable style! It’s ‘Salem’s Lot ’04.

On this episode of the Castle Rock TV Podcast hosts Skipper Martin and Christopher DeFilippis tackle TNT’s 21st Century take on Stephen King’s 1970’s vampires.

And we also welcome very special guest LANCE KERWIN — who played Mark Petrie in the 1979 TV miniseries adaptation of ‘Salem’s Lot.

Lance hilariously ribs Chris about some negative comments Chris made about his performance in the film. He also discusses what it was like being on set, working with the legendary director Tobe Hooper and proves himself to be what Chris said he was: an upstanding citizen, and a fine human being!

Thanks Lance!

We also bring you the latest from the Castle Rock panel at New York Comic Con 2017 — including a new series trailer!

And stick around some terrific listener feedback and a blu-ray give-away.

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2 Responses

  1. Amanda Reynolds-Gregg says:

    Great podcast! Having Lance as a surprise guest was hilarious and I loved that you all messed with Chris.
    I remember watching the 04 version back when it was on tv and later bought it when it came out on DVD. I was surprised to hear that it didn’t seem to have much of a following as I liked it a lot. I also saw it right after reading the book for the first time so everything was fresh in my mind. My only big gripe with the film was how they handled Susan after she became a vampire. I always saw that the transformation warped the once human into this monster and they use that against you. That’s the case with everyone except her. In Susan’s case, she seems sad and hesitant to kill Ben when in truth she should have been more menacing or at least seem like she was an actual danger to him. Instead, she’s kinda blah and dies in too “angelic”a way that marked her different from the others.
    P.s. I would love a signed copy of the dvd but as I already have a copy, no worries if you give it to anyone else.

  2. Tyler Allen Gibson says:

    I must mention this, lest I forget and never remember it. I’ve NEVER seen or read Salem’s Lot, but after hearing you guys analyze the book and adaptions, I’ve got my own bit of random knowledge to throw into the vampire burn-pile that I think you guys may(or maybe not) find interesting.
    I’m sorry to say I’m a shameless anime fan, and happened to see an anime a few years ago based on a horror novel in Japan, called Shiki. The entire time you guys were talking about Salem’s Lot I was thinking about their absurd semblances. They both have a fallen priest, an awesome doctor who finds out about the infection(in Shiki he’s the secondary protagonist), a character “new to the town” as the protagonist, vampirism spreading across a small town like a disease, and many MANY more similarities. There’s even a Straker-esque character! The only big difference is the cultural settings and the Barlow analog being a young girl, who doesn’t seem to share in her inspirations disdain for humanity. The author, Fuyumi Ono, even mentions, “To Salem’s Lot” in the first page supposedly.
    Anyway, you guys continue to be great! Don’t worry too, I said I was joining the patreon community and I intend to keep that promise! Soon(TM)

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