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CRTV Podcast 5: IT: The Motion Picture

September 13, 2017 Podcast 4

IT: The Motion Picture is here at last!

And Castle Rock TV Podcast hosts Skipper Martin and Christopher DeFilippis celebrate the arrival of the long-anticipated feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel with a super-sized episode jam packed with thoughts on where the movie works — and where it doesn’t.

We also have a terrific interview with smash YouTube film critic Chris Stuckmann. CRTV Podcast host Skipper Martin spoke with Chris about his reaction to the It movie, film criticism in general, and Chris’s rise to internet superstardom.

Need more? We also have the latest news on Hulu’s Castle Rock, listener feedback and a BRAND NEW SKIPTOPHER CONTEST!

You’ll float all right!

Watch Chris Stuckmann’s Review of IT

Here’s a Pre-Color-Correction-Lesson ‘Classic’ Stuckmann review circa 2014!

Looking for more IT Easter Eggs? Check out this rundown from Vanity Fair!

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4 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    AWESOME podcast! Yes, I am a fan of Chirs Stuckmann haha. But I was linked to here from his twitter believe it or not.

    It was great hearing Chris S. talk about his decision making behind all of his videos. As someone who would like to get into YouTube, it was very fascinating hearing his thought process on things.

    On a different note though, I LOVED hearing you both discuss the film and Stephen King in general. I liked IT as well. It was one of my favorite, if not my number one favorite movie to come out this year, as well as probably my new favorite horror film. I just really can’t get enough of this adaptation. 😀

    One thing that I wanted to bring up was, you guys mentioned Stan’s “moment” with IT wasn’t super scary or you thought that compared to Bev’s, or Bill’s interaction with him it wasn’t that powerful. AKA, the moment he is walking past the painting and the creepy woman.

    I listened to another discussion about the movie and they brought up a good point as to why Stan’s moment can still be considered “powerful/effective.” And it comes down to, not everyone has a horrible gruesome childhood to pull fears from. Children can be scared of smaller things, like the dark, or clowns (such as Richie), or even just a picture. That is STAN’S biggest fear. Yes, they could have done some type of religious symbolism, but they erred away from that (probably for the best) and went with something that an actual kid could be afraid of.

    Basically, just because his fear doesn’t happen to be linked to say, a traumatic moment, doesn’t make it less scary for Stan compared to Bev or Bill. If anything, I think it really just highlights how much we know that these are JUST KIDS. And they’re dealing with this demonic clown! We see Stan’s fear lived out and physically manifest itself in front of him. That’s pretty scary in my opinion.

    I think the changes they made to the film from the book made sense to me. Instead of just your monster of the week like mummies and zombies, the fears are actual representations of the thing they are most scared of. (Granted I haven’t read the book, this is just what I’ve heard)

    ANYWAY. Great podcast guys and I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Jon Duckworth says:

    Just listened to your excellent It review podcast and wanted to chime in on the issue of why Bev gets captured.

    It didn’t bother me, and here’s my take:

    1. Bev is the same age as the boys, but she is clearly more mature, mentally and physically. Two of the boys are actively in love with her, however unrequited. But for all of them she is magnetic. She has a power over them because, well, she’s a girl. Her capture is the only one that would persuade ALL the other Losers to go down the well.

    2. Bev is the only one Pennywise would capture and use as bait rather than just feed on. The reason (actually given in the film) is that her abuse means she is no longer a child (think how Richie jokes “Can only virgins see this thing?”) and its the innocence of children Pennywise feeds on. Also, the real life horror she has experienced means Pennywise realises he has less power to terrify her.

    Far from being a damsel in distress, Bev is captured because she is too resilient.

  3. Hey Chris & Skipper, very nice to see your journey back into the world of Stephen King with this podcast. Loved your 11/22/63 podcast and I’m along for the ride again this time, eagerly anticipating the new Castle Rock series.

    Thanks for the extensive IT coverage, from book to miniseries to the movie. Really enhanced my viewing experience last weekend in the movie theatre. I even rewatched the mini series beforehand, to discover that it didn’t really stand the test of time – at least not in my taste 🙂 The movie however blew me away and more than met my high expectations. Some of the kid actors blew me away, especially Sophia Lillis. Wow, what a strong, bad ass version of Bev, especially compared to how she was portrayed in the mini series.

    You talked about the Bowers gang, but didn’t really go deep on the Patrick Hockstetter character. What did you think of the way the movie handled him? If there’s any flaw I could find in the movie, I think it’s that Owen Teague, who plays Patrick, was more natural in his role than Henry Bowers, but was given much less to do. His story in the book with the refrigerator and his death could have been used a bit more IMO, his arc seemed a bit rushed in the movie.

    I saw an announcement of Andy Muschietti releasing a Director’s Cut later on, with ~15 minutes of extra material. Looking forward to that one!

    And one last thing: although it’s not related to the Castle Rock universe, I was wondering if you’ve seen Mr. Mercedes yet and what you think of it. I’m enjoying that one.

    Anyway, looking forward to lots more from you guys!

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