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A fan podcast dedicated to the Hulu TV series Castle Rock by Stephen King and JJ Abrams. Hosted by Skipper Martin and Christopher DeFilippis.

CRTV Podcast 13: Get Busy Dying

November 12, 2017 Podcast 6

It was fun while it lasted, but in the end there are only two options. And The Castle Rock TV Podcast has decided to Get Busy Dying.

It is with heavy hearts that hosts Skipper Martin and Christopher DeFilippis bring the curtains down on the show, a mere 13 episodes out of the gate. But they go out in true Skiptopher style, with a whirlwind of talk, tangents and heartfelt goodbyes. There’s even some Green Mile discussion somewhere in it all.

Thanks to our listeners for your loyalty and support. We don’t know what the future holds for either of us, but it’s amazing fans like you who make the idea of a tomorrow possible.

See you all on the other side.


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  1. Christian R. says:

    Dear Christopher,
    dear Skipper,

    I think this is the first time that I feel like I want to share my opinion about a podcast/ online show, but I guess this will be the only chance to give you guys some feedback about the CRTV podcast. So here we go.

    I am relatively new to the world of podcasts. In fact, the CRTV podcast was the first podcast that I have subscribed to. I “found” you via Chris Stuckmann and, since I consider myself a huge Stephen King fan, I got curious and searched for the CRTV podcast on my iPhone. I honestly wasn’t prepared for the things that waited for me on your show. I expected some interesting stories behind the works of Stephen King (which I got), I expected some in-depth analyses of Stephen King’s material (which I also got) but what I did not expect was the amount of entertainment that the two of you presented to me on a weekly basis just by talking to each other. I found myself to be binge-listening the first 3 episodes in just one day and I was honestly shocked how long each of your episodes had been. For me as a newbie to podcasts it didn’t feel like I had just spent 3 hours of my day listening to 2 guys talking about Stephen King. Time literally flew by.
    I noticed that I was looking forward to each Wednesday and it became a very relaxing and entertaining habit for me to start my day after work listening to your banter. You guys got me with your show and your content (or at least so I thought). I started listening to other podcasts that contain basically the same subject matter, but what can I say? None of them were nearly as interesting and entertaining as your podcast was. And I blame the two of you for that and your chemistry that you have together. I quickly abandoned the other podcasts and mainly focused on the CRTV podcast. I tried to get all the reading (or sometimes listening, thanks Skipper!) done in time so that I could completely appreciate your work. Just last week I worked myself through all books of “The Green Mile” to be ready for your analysis (By the way: Thank you guys for that! I really enjoyed the book. I guess I would not have touched it in the foreseeable future otherwise). So I can honestly say that the surprise/shock was huge when your last episode came online and I read the description of it. I felt , and still feel, sad about the sudden end of the show. I wasn’t aware of the Facebook announcement and quite honestly I just thought that you guys needed more time to get the Green Mile episode on its way. I even started to find my way over to patreon because I wanted to listen to the bonus episodes and felt like this would be a good way to support and thank you guys for your hard work. I know it sounds like a weak excuse to say it now, but next weekend I wanted to grab a drink, read my way through patreon and see how supporting you via patreon works. I guess this doesn’t make any sense anymore, does it? (Which is a pity because I was so much looking forward to your Ghostbusters show 😀 ).
    As a relatively new listener the only thing I can do is to thank you both for the hours of entertainment and for the many reading ideas I got from the two of you. As I said, I am very sad to hear that the CRTV podcast is over before the series, which it is dedicated to, has even started but I totally respect your decision (even though I think it would have been interesting to see you ,Christopher, sailing this ship home) and just hope to hear from either one of you again. As you said in the last episode Chris: What made this a special experience was the teamwork of the two of you combined and I appreciated your invitation to Skipper to come back whenever his schedule or motivation tells him to go back. Personally, I will definitely stay subscribed to the CRTV podcast and I am looking forward to hearing about your plans for the future . I am more than ready to follow you and listen to whatever you feel like talking about, preferably with Skipper, but I am sure the “topher” of “Skiptopher” can stand on his own legs to do interesting and entertaining content!

    To make a long story even longer: Thanks Christopher, thanks Skipper for these amazing episodes! It was a blast listening to you guys. I am definitely looking forward to whatever project either one of you will share with the community in the future and till then I wish nothing but the best to you guys! One last thing, though. Any chance you two could do one last episode about the “Green Mile” ? Just as you said Christopher, there are so many things to discuss. Wouldn’t it make for a perfect show finale?

    I guess I’ll put Cujo and Dolores Claiborne aside for now and start with 11/22/63. I’ve heard there is a podcast about the book and the show that could be interesting to listen to… 😉

    Greetings from Germany and all the best to you! Hope to “hear” you again !

    • Tom says:

      If you liked this podcast, you will love their 11.22.63 podcast. Just read the book first as the first 5 episodes cover the book. The episodes are long, but worth every minute.

  2. Tom Walton says:

    Today sucks!

  3. Tom says:

    If you liked this podcast, you will love their 11.22.63 podcast. Just read the book first as the first 5 episodes cover the book. The episodes are long, but worth every minute.

  4. Darren says:

    I downloaded everything episode and would blindly look at the numbers and glance at the pictures to see what was next. Didn’t pay any attention to the ‘get busy dying’ line. Now I’m here reading about episode 12 even though I’m only up to episode 10…..WTF ?

    I don’t have a Facebook account so I don’t know what the announcement was but….WTF?

    As a fan said above, this podcast feels like it was made for me. I don’t want a 2 minute, morning TV look at movies or books or anything. My absolute joy is an in depth discussion by two people who are fans. Not even fans of King or everything he has done but games of literature, art and what ever form it takes. I’m one of those people who loves movie commentary tracks.

    I’m from Sydney Australia and life will not be the same now. Should I stay up and watch Netflix – no, I’d rather go to bed early because that’s when I listen to your podcast. Fell asleep half way through – awesome, that means tomorrow I get to listen again.

    I wish both of you the best and hope that both of you join forces again one day. I’ll be ready and waiting.

  5. Casey says:

    I’m very picky when it comes to podcasts and I really enjoyed listening to you guys. I like Stephen King but I’m not a huge fan; I’ve only read Pet Cemetary. But I loved hearing your take on this and that and I am really disappointed you are…giving up? I listened to your Creepshow 2 podcast today and there was no mention of stopping. What happened to reviewing Misery??? I just don’t get it! Please come back.

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